Radomiro Tomic

Country: Chile

Located in the Andes mountains in northern Chile’s Antofagasta region; the Radomiro Tomic pit mine extracts oxide minerals at 3000 metres above sea level.

Having supplied components for a variety of overland and in-plant conveyors since 1995, today Lorbrand is one of the largest suppliers of conveyor systems to the Radomiro Tomic operation.

Key Statistics

  • Distance: 17km of overland conveyors
  • Belt Width: 1600mm and 1800mm
  • Belt Speed: 6.5 m/s
  • Capacity: 8000 tph

Equipment Supplied

  • Conveyor idlers and pulleys
  • Overland tables

Since completion of the Radomiro Tomic conveyors, Lorbrand has gone on to supply in-plant and overland conveyor components for a number of Codelco’s Chilean operations.

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